SpeechMiners, formerly known as SpeechOp, is a Danish tech company founded in Aalborg in 2008 by Morten Højfeldt Rasmussen. Today the company is operated from its offices in Aalborg and Copenhagen, Denmark. In 2015 SEED Capital has made its first investment in the company.

The vision of SpeechMiners is to add most value to our customers speech-content. We do this by helping them to drive traffic to their speech-content by making their content searchable. Our mission is to become the leading player providing metadata to TV, radio, podcasts and video so any content provider can increase use and thereby turnover.

The Management Team

Morten Højfeldt Rasmussen


Morten is both the CEO of SpeechMiners and the tech guy behind the development of the technology. He has worked with speech recognition since 2004 – the first 8 years doing research at Aalborg University.

Eg Nicolajsen


Eg is coming from several executive positions in the service and tech industry, and is heading all customer contact, and is in charge of the commercial and operational development of SpeechMiners.

Thor Angelo

Operational board‐member

Thor co-founded LanguageWire back in 2000 and exited in 2012. Today he is involved in SpeechMiners as operational board-member and investor. Thor is using his knowhow from tech-start-ups and his knowledge about language technology and automation from the translation industry in SpeechMiners.


Future options

SpeechMiners Soundcutter™
In future, we will be able to automate cutting of files containing speech in many different ways, through the use of our SpeechMiners Engine

Planed Modules

SpeechMiners SpeakerID™
Through our SpeakerID technology, we can recognize the speaker in a speech file and automatically enrich the content of the file.
SpeechMiners Topic™
In any file containing speech, our technology can discover the key topics. This is done by analysing the file and from that gather a “topic-cloud” that indicates the topics found, the frequency and the probability.

Existing Modules

SpeechMiners AudioMining™
Our state of the art AudioMining technology can gather numerous data from a soundfile. Our solution is specialized in media content, but we can develop it in any direction concerning domains and languages.

Engine Platform

SpeechMiners Speech Recognition Engine™
Our speech recognition engine contains a combination of open source software, combined with several uniquely build pieces of our own software. Before we process a speech file we are taking it through our “pre-audio processing” software to improve the quality.

How we work

Our way of working with you is to build the best possible service from the start. This is possible through true customer centricity. Our solutions are all automated, and all you need to do is send the files containing speech to our web API, and back you will get searchable text e.g as an XML file. From this you can search for specific words – see in the demo below – and also get direct access to where in the speech-file you can see or hear that specific word.

We can always improve the solution through our shared interest for continuous improvements. The more we can improve our customers business the better – the more our customers can influence our solutions and come up with good ideas, the better. Together we build – together we win.

Try Our Demo

Speechminers Demo



  • Niels Jernes Vej 10, 9220 Aalborg East
  • +45 6020 0202
  • contact@speechminers.com

Copenhagen Office

  • Tuborgvej 5, 2900 Hellerup, Denmark
  • +45 6020 0202
  • contact@speechminers.com